Persona Consulting services

Persona helps growing businesses manage the operational challenges of a changing workforce.

With a complete range of HR consulting services—from benefits and compensation to recruiting, training and risk management—Persona delivers a tailored solution designed around each client's individual needs and unique challenges.

Simply put, our clients rely on us to manage a variety of people issues that affect the lives of their employees, the performance of their organization and the growth of their business.

Below is a list of our services.

General Human Resources

Growing a business means depending on people. And as your company grows, people-related issues become more demanding and complex.

Using a team of HR experts lets you focus on what you know best—your business—while ensuring that the people needs of the company are being met, managed and optimized.

Strategy and Planning

We work directly with key decision makers to develop an integrated HR strategy and plan that fits your company's specific needs.

    • Prioritize key initiatives
    • Develop implementation plans
    • Assist with board approval
    • Execute, or train your staff to execute


Employing the right people is critical to your company's success. Ensuring that you're compensating them correctly is critical to employee retention and profitable growth.

We'll help design incentive and compensation plans that work for both you and your employees.


Navigating the complicated world of employee benefits takes industry knowledge and experience. We'll help you get the right benefits package for your company, at the right price.

Performance Management

Getting the most out of each dollar you spend on employees is paramount to the success of your company.

We'll develop programs that give you the tools to evaluate employee performance and create programs to determine when it's time to develop and invest in your current employees—and when to start looking for new ones.

Risk Management

Mitigating unnecessary risks is an inherent part of growing a business. We'll help you understand and avoid the risks of sexual harassment, provide insight into the complexities of employment law and create employee policies that keep you protected.

Recruiting, Onboarding, Orientation

Finding the right people for your company can mean the difference between success and failure.

We'll help you find, recruit and hire the best people possible to give you the competitive edge you need.


Losing a key member of a high-performing team is a disruption that can cost you time, momentum and value. Retention plans can help ensure that you remain competitive in the market, and that today's successes will continue tomorrow.

Independent Contractors

Having a team of independent contractors can give you staffing flexibility in a volatile marketplace.

Having a process and a policy for finding and maintaining a network of freelancers means that you will always know that they will be there when you need them.

Training and Development

Equipping your workforce with the right skills, tools and know-how is essential in today's fast-paced, ever-changing world. As your company grows and adapts, so must your employees.

Training and development programs help you turn good employees into great ones, ensuring that your company grows along with them.

Operational Efficiency

Growing a business and maximizing success means constantly looking for ways to improve and optimize the things you do well.

By creating processes and procedures that maintain the most critical parts of your business, you can focus on growing the business, not just running it.

Organizational Structure

We work with key decision makers and management teams to organize your staff to accomplish company goals and operate efficiently.

    • Structure organizations based on function, division, skillset
      and output
    • Create organizational charts
    • Identify and outline roles and responsibilities


Sustaining the cultural underpinnings of an organization is one of the most critical and challenging tasks for a growing business. While systems, processes and behaviors will evolve over time, the anchoring tenets and values should remain constant.

We will help you find that balance, preserving the culture that you have worked so hard to create, no matter how fast you grow or how big you get.


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