Who Persona Consulting helps

Persona Consulting enables growing companies to navigate human resources and operations challenges without having to commit to a full-time corporate resources staff.

We help small to medium-sized companies that need:

  • Help getting to the next level of growth without additional permanent overhead resources
  • An assessment or ideas of operational efficiencies
  • A temporary management level person to fill in as your problems get bigger but your revenue doesn't
  • Temporary human resources assistance
  • To open an office in another location

We have a combined 30 years' experience building and managing small to mid-sized companies. As human resources and operations consultants, we'll position you for growth by helping you professionalize without adding additional permanent overhead.

We evaluate your current processes to identify and implement areas for operational efficiencies.

We can assist by working as part of your current leadership or HR and operations team to provide a host of services while determining your permanent need.


You can see the services we provide, or contact us to find out more.